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TÜV Rheinland 

Service package for China and Europe


We are doing testing, inspecting, certifying, qualifying, training, consulting for Products, Systems, Processes and People.


Dedicated services to satisfy your needs. We support you:

  • to fulfil the relevant safety regulations

  • to meet the safety and quality requirements and expectations of your customer / partners / authorities

  • to support your market expansion with worldwide safety approvals

In Europe

TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd. locates in Hungary, in Central-Eastern  Europe. This location ensures quick access to all European countries (within 6 hours you can reach every European capital from Budapest, and within 48 hours we reach the whole World). This central location gives you an easy connection to the European population, circa. 739 million people. 

We are one of the biggest testing institute in Europe, established in 1934 (formerly  called MEEI).

We are a member body of different global and European certification schemes.

We are registered as a Notified Body for most of the European directives. We are regularly supervised and audited in order to carry out third party conformity assessments. As a Notified Body we issue certificates for such product categories, where it is obligatory to obtain certificate issued by a Notified Body, in order to be able to place the product onto the EU marketing in a lawfull manner.


TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd. serves you as an expert for the European safety regulations, and support you to fulfil the European regulations.


In China


Together with TÜV Rheinland (China) Ltd. we are ready to support you in 15 cities.

We can contact your suppliers, arrange product testing and certification. We lead you through the Chinese safety regulations,

help you to comply with the local safety regulations, support you to enter onto Chinese and other Asian markets.

In one hand we  provide all technical expertise, you need!

TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd. is the member of TÜV Rheinland Group

TÜV Rheinland group is a leader technical service provider from 1872. The Group employs 20,000 people, and have office in 65 countries and it generates annual revenues of € 1.88 billion.



Service Package 


China and Europe



  • We are a trusted global brand, with more than 140 years history and reputation

  • We provide full service and global network, we support companies with services worldwide and integrate it with the local requirement. With our global network you can easily step to the  European, Asian, American and Australian markets.

  • We offer an independent third party assessment service, which can be important to prove to your buyers, partners and authorities that You comply with the relevant regulations.

  • We are precise, and provide a high quality service

  • We have a dedicated account management team and expertise


If you are interested in our services or have some questions, feel free to contact us!

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Service Package for China and Europe

Inspection services

TÜV Rheinland Intercert Ltd. acts as an accredited inspection body according to EN ISO IEC 17020. We carry out assessments on behalf of our clients with the objective of providing information about the conformity of inspected items with regulations, standards, specifications, inspection schemes or contracts.

•    Pre Shipment inspection: Made at the beginning or during the production process. In order to check components, raw materials and way of storage. Aim is to inspect the processes and products in order to cease shortcomings, in first production run avoid delays in delivery and/or rework costs.
•    Loading inspection: Checks are made to ensure that goods are loaded in containers in accordance with the purchase order.
•    Inspection on verifying manufacturing ability: Objective is to verify the manufacturer production ability and facilities meets the required standards. Useful e.g. when you have new suppliers or a new production line is established by the manufacturer.

Product Testing

•    In the product design state: Consult with our expert team when you design the product to fulfil in advance all relevant product safety regulation and demand of you customer. Pre-testing service is also available.
•    On end products: We offer testing service on our products, like product safety tests, life time evaluations, endurance tests, performance tests, usability tests.

Worldwide certification and Market Access Service

Certification: We are fully versed in various approval requirements and offer worldwide certifications single source to gain for you quick access to international markets. The certificates will acts as a passport of your products.

Market Access Service: Based on technical documentation of product we conduct research service to collect all safety related requirements the product must fulfil (e.g. labelling and content of user manual). We help you to have all necessary safety related information in advance, before placing the product onto the market.

Documentation review service

We check the certificate, test reports issued by another body in China or EU applicable for the product you intend to sell.

European Representation service

Some of the EU directives lay down for non-European manufacturers that a European representative must appointed. Without EU representative they can not sell their product in EU. With the EU representation service we can fulfil this regulation and we can act as your European representative saving you time, energy and money (not mandatory to establish an office in Europe).

Selection of potential vendors with technical assessment

Based on your requirements we audit your potential vendors.

Complex Technical Inspection of investment projects

Comprehensive inspection from the planning of investment projects through the inspection of manufacturing and operation of the quality management system, including the final check of the handover documentation.

Health and Safety Coordinator Service

According to local laws, regulations, potential hazards and risks we arrange the coordination of subcontractors on construction sites, in order to ensure safety of people, equipment and machinery safety.


Bankability means banking ability, financial sustainability study. The examination of planned investments projects conducted by and independent expert team. The bankability service helps to the financial parties to reduce the financial risks, support the investors, as a third independent party is involved to examine the returning point of investments and at the same time ensures a complex technical overview of the investment project.

Environmental Aspect and Impact Assessment

It is a mandatory and required by EU legislation and laws at investments projects to have an environmental impact study. We offer:

•    Assessment of ground water
•    Assessment of air pollution
•    Assessment of soil contamination


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